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Your ability to control your ho's. Or the control of your pimpin business. A pimp hand can be strong or weak. Keep your pimp hand strong.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
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1. The hand used to smack your ho's around.

2. The ability to be a pimp who has control over his ho's and brings in mad money as a result.
1. "My hos know that they will get a strong pimp hand if they don't do as I say and bring me cold hard cash hourly."

2. "My pimp hand is strong, that's why I have all this gold jewelry and flashy clothes" - or - "My pimp hand is weak, and my ho's aren't representin'"
by gina November 20, 2003
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is the hand you prefer to use for everyday activities such as writing, texting, using utensils, or slapping your hoe.

A pimp hand can either be strong or weak.

Keeping your pimp hand strong can evoke fear, demand respect, and increase your income.

Individuals who are ambidextrous have 2 Pimp Hands.
If you are right handed then your right hand is your Pimp Hand. If you are left handed, then your left hand is your Pimp Hand.
by itzmrsjames_beezy June 11, 2010
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A tool used to keep ones "biatches" in line. From Pimp to pimp raising ones pimp hand is a sign of respect, from pimp to bitch it is a sign of fear.
this is my pimp hand, i keep it strong, without my pimp hand i am nothing, without me my pimp hand is nothing.
by anuez li aker June 14, 2011
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The use of ones back hand to exhert force appon ones Biatch

Pimps up, Ho's down
"i keep my pimp hand strong...and my bitches in line"
by pot_toker420 June 18, 2004
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One of the most dangerous hands of all. Purpose is to maintain order with hoes, friends, others. The pimp hand works by swingin the back of the hand into someones face to straighten to make them act right. This confident and respected hand is very powerful.
by stephanie_sre January 24, 2007
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"Pimp hand" is what you lay down onto the beeyotches to keep 'em in line
Don' yo be backchattin' at me girl, else I'll be layin' down some pimp hand and smack some shush into yo goddam' smartass mout!
by bob goon April 14, 2006
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