Gustavio's balanced self is really helpful. I do appreciate that. I never tell him enough. I never do many things enough. But this is about Gustavio. His balanced self.
Thank you, Gustavio's balanced self, for being there. Better late than never. Better digital than nothing at all.

Gustavio's balanced self, I still have so much work to do. Scary when I think of it. Coffee?
by Krkič January 20, 2019
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To engage in practices that result in fair and balanced news reporting.
After news reported that 1.5 million liberals marched on DC, Fox News to fair-and-balance 'd it by polling 100 CEOs.
by talkity talk July 26, 2020
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Load balancing is a pornographic method for distributing loads across multiple sexual partners.
Frank: OH man, it was a close call last night. I had to enable Load Balancing to satisfy three ladies at once.

Bob: Nice!
by FluffyPookins August 7, 2014
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