When someone takes a long time to get ready.
Joseph: "Why are you late?"

Kendal: "Oh you know, just doing The Bailey."
by Djrussbuss April 4, 2011
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something that none of smapdey's friends are ever going to get
shawn and the rest of them are never going to get the bailey
by Bailey2 May 3, 2005
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When, in one night, with Sampdey's sister, you make a concoction, complete the monroe exchange, have her felch an inmate, find a chocolate pizza, hit her with a hot lunch, give her a frozen eddie, and finish with the bucking bronco in front of Smapdey.
by Shawn January 10, 2005
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Bailey is the name of a strong, independent, and beautiful. She so down to earth and has a heart of gold. Bailey is the kind of girl everyone wants to be around and she's just amazing. Her smile and overall presence brightens up a room and she has such an amazing laugh and smile, even if she doesn't think so. She is the sweetest girl anyone will ever meet. Anybody would be lucky to have Bailey in their life.
Guy 1: Bailey is so amazing!
Guy 2: Yeah the birds started chirping when she walked in!
by lonelyyetsurrounded May 13, 2015
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Bailey is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is a beautiful girl that will make you stop in place and open your mouth in awe. She is super cute and creative. She has the best smile in the whole world. She is a girl who would do anything with you. When your with Bailey you will never want to leave her. She is always nice and considerate for other people. And she will always make you smile and have a better day.
Me: I am so glad I'm with Bailey!
Other person: I know you are so lucky!
by Ridan Daniel May 25, 2014
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A quiet kind of girl. She knows a lot of people, but only has one true friend. She's a unique girl, most guys will look her over but a few will admire her. She could be a muse, an outcast, or something else. She usually won't reject you, but I wouldn't know. If you know a Bailey that matches this description, think again before you draw conclusions.
I can't understand Bailey, but I'd do anything for her.
by UDisLife September 23, 2014
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The most wonderful and lovely girl you will ever meet, she will be there for you and love you. After seeing her and spending time with her you will feel like the happiest man on Earth. She will not forget you every and will always include you, she never talks bad about you, shes pretty, fascinating, shes a keeper, and a seeker
Friend Says "Hey man why are you so happy?" I answer "Because I was spending time with Bailey!"
by Rhendricks.367 May 23, 2015
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