Event(s) of great consequence to very few.

Term is derived from a storied cricket Test series played once every two years. Popular in England and Australia (the only two countries permitted to compete for the coveted trophy), the series means absolutely nothing to the world's remaining 190 countries.
Q: So what were you up to yesterday?
A: Rolled out of bed around noon 'cause mom was bugging me, checked my blog to see if anyone had left any comments, went to the store to buy a pack of smokes... you know, the Ashes.
by Canadian Cricketer May 31, 2006
1. A popular David Bowie song
2. A television show. It is the sequel to Life On Mars. It is set in 1980s London and stars Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt and Keeley Hawes as Alex Drake. It is shown on Thursday, 9PM, BBC1
1. "I've just listened to Ashes To Ashes for the 100th time. It's such a great song."
2. "Are you going to watch Ashes To Ashes this Thursday night at 9pm on BBC1?"
by Blythe103 February 9, 2008
kid:gramps what do you with gramma when you're bored
gramps: ashes to ashes kiddo
by everybodyloveschris July 17, 2018
the purest, sweetest, kindest human you'll ever meet. they're perfect in every single way, and absolutely stunningly beautiful. They can make your heart flutter in one giggle. Also, their hand fits perfectly in yours and thier lips against yours are meant to be.
Im dating ash; I could die happy

Ash is the best date mate you'll ever meet in your entire life
by Heyoits_Me June 21, 2018
The sweetest most amazing human on earth, give him all the love and affection, he needs hugs and head pats
by Fish999 October 18, 2019
he is a very sweet guy. one to never give up on anyone. a great friend who u can always count on. ash is a one of a kind guy. shy at first but as soon as he opens up you will find hes funny, that his smile can make your day. he will notice the good in you and look beyond the flaws you have. ash is the kind of guy more people should be like. very sweet but he can get mad and when he does watch out. hes a caring guy. ash is crazy cute. if you have him in your life dont ever let him go!! you will regret it everyday, because you will NEVER find a guy like him.
by tapanga jordan August 21, 2018