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Event(s) of great consequence to very few.

Term is derived from a storied cricket Test series played once every two years. Popular in England and Australia (the only two countries permitted to compete for the coveted trophy), the series means absolutely nothing to the world's remaining 190 countries.
Q: So what were you up to yesterday?
A: Rolled out of bed around noon 'cause mom was bugging me, checked my blog to see if anyone had left any comments, went to the store to buy a pack of smokes... you know, the Ashes.
by Canadian Cricketer May 31, 2006
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A cricket game where England play Australia in 5 test matches to determine the winner- England normally get battered
Harry walked up to his friend Micheal.

“Did you watch the Ashes last night?” Asked Harry.
“Yeah. Australia dominated, didn’t they.”
by Water_sheep August 24, 2019
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