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The original lead guitarist for Snakepit, Guns N' Roses, and Velvet Revolver. His real name is Saul Hudson.
Slash is a very talented, and very sexy guitarist.
by Proud To Be American October 31, 2004

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The second best era ever, the first being the 80s. In the 90s, Grunge was born, and men weren't afraid to wear ponytails. The infamous Furby doll was very popular in the 90s, as was the battle of the baggy pants rappers: MC Hammer Vs. Vanilla Ice.
I Love the nineties.
by Proud To Be American September 04, 2004

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A radio station that lasted 36 years in the Bay Area of California, but on October 28, 2004(ish) was taken over by Mexicans who were probably illegal immigrants, and now there are no more good stations to listen to. KSJO listeners are now forced to listen to other radio stations that aren't that great, and mourn for the loss of such a kick ass and bad ass radio station they grew up to know and love as a friend.

RIP, KSJO. We'll never forget you.
"Dude, did you hear the triple shot of GNR on KSJO yesterday?"
"Hells no, the damn Mexicans took it over!"
by Proud To Be American October 31, 2004

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Perhaps the greatest and most inspirational genre of music, classic rock is also known as "Hair Metal". The name "Hair Metal" originated because of bands like Mötley Crüe, Van Halen and others. The enormous hair and skin tight leather pants, lyrics about girls and booze, and "fuck you" attitude is what sums up a classic rock band. Such bands were mostly popular in the 80's, but continue to live on in the hearts of many metalheads today.
Bands like Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, and Def Leppard are all classic rock bands. Classic rock will forever live on.
by Proud To Be American December 08, 2004

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