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man, the nineties are the shit! Grunge was born, flannel shirts, dirty hair, and music one of a kind. It has something special. The nineties were the best and there will never ever be an era like that! It was so good, I'm obsessed. Music was different (as in good, and a hell of a lot better than now) and it brings back memories.

aha.. I LOVE the nineties!
the nineties fucking rock!
prep: ninties suck!
me: fuck u, how would u know?
prep: they did
me: I'll kick u r ass, run away before I strangle you with a flannel shirt!
by Inna March 01, 2005

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ohh, yeah. A great band, let me tell you. With a lead singer who lives in fucking goggles, and sticks his ass where it shouldn't even be near. Ex- politics. What the hell does he know about socialism? Has he ever lived in fucking socialisnm? How does he know its better? My parents lived with socialism and trust me, it's like fucking communism! U2 sucks with the same tune exept bono sometimes adds an extra "yeah" to his so called masterpiece, that everyone adores. And also bono's head is the size of Texas. He needs to come down some. Such a stuck up, illiterate bitch who obsseses over third world countries, while not knowing anything about it. And trying to be politic when no one gives a fuck. He should shut his stuck fucking huge mouth and retire already.
me: I hate fucking U2!
die-hard-U2-fan: no way! they rock man! and bono's so politic and so cool!
me: oh yeah dumb ass, especially when he talks about shit he doesn't know fuck about. really cool and politci there!
by Inna March 09, 2005

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