"The inland empire" an area covering Riverside and San Bernadino counties in southern California, used derogatively by L.A. hipsters for anyone not from Los Angeles,
Ah man, I got to drive to the 909 to see my in laws this weekend.
by John March 6, 2003
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The area code in Southern California for Riverside and San Bernardino County; usually associated with white trash.
Having your truck on blocks in the driveway make me feel like I live in the 909.
by Hawk September 17, 2003
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Area code that serves as a nickname for the Inland Empire (Inland Valley, I.E.), which comprises San Bernardino and Riverside Counties (i.e., the entire region of southern California between Los Angeles and Orange Counties and the Arizona border). A great place to live between Los Angeles and Las Vegas if you don't mind the meth labs, cows, and dirt people.
"I would have gone out with him except he's from the 909."
by Michelle September 27, 2003
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The arm pit of southern california. or the meth lab capital of the world
I accidentally blew up my house "cooking". didn't matter though.. it was only in the 909. I'll just buy a new one with my crack money.
by foofykitty August 17, 2006
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TR-909, analog drum machine made by Roland in the 80s. Famous especially for its bass drum sound which can be heard "4 to the floor" on many dance songs. Now rare and very expensive.
he tuned the 909 kick to the resonant frequency of the club and the dancers' spines turned into jelly.
by scose April 13, 2004
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Noun. (Slang) Area code in southern California for the Inland Empire. Typically refers to southern San Bernardino County and Riverside County and some portions of east Los Angeles County (i.e., San Bernardino, Riverside, Ontario, Pomona, San Dimas etc.)
I'm heading out to see my 909 buddies in Riverside and Fontana tomorrow!

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "Several of the cities named as being in eastern Los Angeles county are not in L.A. County. In fact, Riverside and San Bernardino are the county seats of Riverside County and San Bernardino County respectively."
by Daniel September 9, 2003
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I love you deeply mi amor ❤️ 🔥
Te extraño, mucho ❣️
I wish we could be together

Please come see me 💞
How I miss you 💔
How deep is your love?...909
by Wanderlust_127 August 22, 2023
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