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One of the most dreaded words to hear for single, Australian men aspiring to hook up with a woman he's fancied for a while.

The first time she utters this word to him, tears his heart in half and every subsequent time only makes it hurt even more.

Its a subtle way of the woman rejecting him in a more informal way.

There can be no more harmful word spoken by a woman to the single, Australian bloke.

The word is 'MATE'.
Bazza: "Shazza, you keen for a coffee or a movie sometime?"
Shazza: "Sure, MATE. How about next weekend?"

Bazza goes to best mate the next day.

Daz: "So dude, did you ask out Shazza yet?"
Bazza: "Yeah man, but she dropped the 'M' word."
Daz: "Ouch, you got burnt bro haha!"
by The D.I. March 16, 2009
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Melanin is the "M" word. Media outlets must have a "Melanin memo" somewhere telling them to never ever use the word melanin. #ABC #CBS #NBC #CNN #FOX #BBC #PBS #RT #ALJAZEERA all are in compliance.
"Broadcasters are to never use The M Word melanin. In referring to African people whether on the continent or in the diaspora the terms 'people of color' or 'black people' note lowercase b is the standard. "
by RBGMan June 23, 2018
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Thanks to a shity gaming company otherwise known as EA. The M-word is otherwise known as microtransactions. Other commonly used references are micro gambling.
EA: We need to punch loyal gamers in the dick, but how?
DICE: Please dont say the M-word..

DICE: Welp...
EA: The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishments for unlocking different Heroes.
Reddit: Nope!
by Order66microtransactions November 15, 2017
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noun; Marijuana, colloquial with California legislation determining the legality of Medical Marijuana.
"There was a time when 'the M word' would never be mentioned at a State legislation meeting."

-California Assemblyman, Tom Amiano
by Geek McMackey January 25, 2010
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