April 15: The shittiest day in April AKA Tax Day AKA The due date to file your taxes.

The day where hundreds of thousands of procrastinators form miles-long lines to the post office at 11:50PM on April 15 because they waited until the last minute to file their taxes. (Even though you get 4 months to do so)

To add to the suckiness of this day, it is also the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination and the sinking of the Titanic.
That Sucks Day is basically an American tradition/holiday in itself

To celebrate That Sucks Day, it is fitting to go to your local post office and laugh at the idiots waiting in line five minutes before midnight because you filed your taxes months ago
by WackyJack April 12, 2011
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National Suck Day Begins every May 20th. On this special day, you get to ask any girl to suck you off and if she says no, you are legally required to slap her.
Hey girl, its national suck day. Now suck or get the glock
by BigCrotch May 13, 2020
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Wesak Day is a day where everyone in the entire world (or universe) literally sucks balls!
We-Suck is defined as a day where everyone sucks.
Vesak Day is on May 29th, 2018, and that falls on a Saturday. Happy Holidays!
Today's the day where everyone sucks because it's We-Suck Day!
by Microtrick Windhoes August 20, 2018
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on april 12 you can suck as much dick as you'd like, national dick sucking day is THE day for for all the hos to embrace their inner ho
ho one: "bitch i sucked 9 dicks today"

ho two "i sucked 11, i feel like a bad person"

ho one "it's okay it's national dick sucking day"
by yrfavho April 12, 2017
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on the 9th of September is the national cock sucking day.
GIVE THAT BOY SOME HEAD BITCH (national cock sucking day)
by catfishhhhh August 21, 2008
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on april 12th kendal crist and paige daugherty can suck as much dick as they can until the clock hits midnight. suck me dry girls!
paige: omg i sucked 7 dicks!

kendal: bro i sucked 12 tf but it’s okay cause it’s national dick sucking day!
by lilly bunch April 11, 2019
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Suck some titties!! You can’t lose! It’s therapeutic for both male and female.
A day where females run their finger through whomever’s hair as they get their titties sucked. It is said that it is very therapeutic for a female.

National titty sucking day: a day where both male and female can enjoy sucking on some titties
by Yadig6977 April 14, 2018
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