That Yaya (which can never truly be defined, and must always be capitalized) is the term used when describing something like a hook up, a kiss, something cheeky, something fun.
Used as a noun, verb, and adjective it can be used in almost any sentence to describe the feelings and actions of That Yaya.
Most closely defined is the 😛 emoji, which encapsulates That Yaya to the most extent possible.
noun: Safe Yaya, risky Yaya, hammock Yaya, Santa Monica Yaya, etc.
I really need some of That Yaya rn
“might get some Yaya tonight, but we’ll see where the night takes me”
by hotwheelsofficial August 24, 2022
Yaya is loved by many, hated by few. Is nice to everyone. People take their kindness fro a weakness. they are badasses when they want to be. They are very attractive, to others but lack self confidence. they attract both genders. They are calm and cool but are freaks in the bed.
there goes a yaya
by Unknown Exposer April 11, 2018
Nickname mostly for a Yarely. Has a bubbly personality, is shy the first time you meet her, girls with this name tend to be quiet but super outgoing,Is really pretty, loves black people, she's really nice to people but has a hidden attitude so watch out you reach that point 'cause Yayas' will snap, has A LOT of friends and tends to be popular but Yayas' keep their most trusted friends to a minimum and hangs out with her closest friends a lot,Yayas are very good friends and very trustful. Sometimes gets mistaken as anti-social but she's not she's just quiet so approach her because she's nice and a very lovable person and very independent so she isn't afraid to stand alone. Yaya is a forever nickname.
Person 1: Do you know yaya?
Person 2: No who is that ?
Person 1: Omg how do you not know yaya !? She's the coolest person you can meet !
Person 2: Who is she though ?
Person 1: She's the pretty girl that people talk about that they say she's quiet but really isn't .
Person 2: OHHHH ! I know who you're talking about now she is really cool I just didn't know what she was called .
#1 grandma! She makes you and your friends amazing food all the time. You want a friend with a Yaya as a grandma.
WOOH! Bro these are good cookies are they Yaya's?
by UD123456789101112 February 28, 2017
A YAYA is some one who has your back no matter what. Is someone who will stand by your side threw think and thin.
A YAYA is like a bond between each other.
Im gonna ride for my YAYA I'm even gonna die for my motherfuckin YAYA's
by A malls June 2, 2014
Means yeah but in an excited way or means yay
She said "Yaya." while her girlfriend was confused on why she was excited.
by cutegayspace December 22, 2016
1. term of endearment for an old Greek grandmother

2. used by feminists as a reference to a woman in her prime

2a. meaning, in this context, an old stupid whiny bitch with delusions of sexiness to anyone who is not a feminist
See "Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood", ad nauseum
by DrCruel May 17, 2009