the person in line you point out for doing somthing stupid
hey Bryan Look at that guy he is so loud. Hey look at that guy he is so gay.
by cheryl September 12, 2003
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The guy who takes vacation at work but still comes to work to "catch up" or calls in everyday of their "vacation" to check on things.
"I am on vacation next week, it will give me ample opportunity to catch on on things in the office."

Dude, don't be 'that guy'
by MightyBean December 09, 2005
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some guy who's just like the guys over there. end of story.
That guy : " hey watzup... gee wiz I'm just like the guys over there."

by a;sldkfjqpwoeirutyzmxncbv August 20, 2008
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Someone who at that moment is being a dumbass/asshole
Jake Fejer "I gotta show you guys something, its super important"

Us " yea what is it?"

Jake " Nah nevermind"

Us" Jake is that guy"
by Swoop God December 04, 2014
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1: The one person who does the thing no one wants them to do.
2: A douche bag, often known for correcting peoples grammar on the internet
1: Bill: "George, don't open that door!"
*opens door*
Bill :"Dammit George don't be that guy!"
2: John: "You have less followers than me"
Bob: "*fewer"
John: "Dammit bob don't be that guy"
by I'm the definition of that guy November 28, 2015
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