That guy, is the person who enters an online video game just to mess with people. The "That Guy" is in every game room. He/She can range from someone who just messes around killing his teammates or someone with just a high pitch voice.
That Guy: Oops I killed my whole team again.
You: Oh great its That Guy.

Kid with high pitch voice: Hey guys are you ready for fun?!
You: We have officially found That Guy.
by Todd Feipel May 14, 2008
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go to www.dontbetheguy.com . That will provide all the definition you need
Don't be the guy who leaves the seat up.
by Jamie May 03, 2004
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The player that got you... and your friends.. and everyone.. but you still like him secretly.
That guy kissed me yesterday! But then when I got home I found out he was goin out with the new girl.
by mezougel December 11, 2010
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- A person who looks, talks, and acts exactly how other people, which you have grouped together as similar, operate in any given situation.
-That Guy

-The fat Hawaiian burger hut owner
-The rich fat Italian
-The fat Chinese kid (SEE CHUNK) who gets good grades and is at least top ten in the pokemon online challenge
-that black girl who takes your order at dirtys and even telemarkets to your cell phone
-the bald/balding short guy with glasses
-The ratty or rodent looking type
-goat looking type of people

by Richard6969 January 06, 2006
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That guy is one who attends a party only to take advantage someone's drunk girlfriend. Now not only did you ruin her life, but you also pissed off her boyfriend likewise all for your own greed. Perhaps this can be a tactic for vengeance, perhaps you are just a douchebag. Whatever the case, you are now "that guy"
Hungover college student: OMG OMG OMG, I totally shouldn't have slept with "that guy" last night! What if my boyfriend finds out? He'll probably beat me and none of it was even my fault!

Friend: About that... he was also at the party.

Hungover college student: O_O
by A rabid chicken November 18, 2010
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