Is the guy that you love more than anything but he will never fully be yours. More than a friend more than a lover he's that guy
He's more than a friend and more than a lover he's just that guy.
by DirtyD24 August 02, 2018
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he is what we want really bad but cant get, no matter how much we want him, we crave and crave him more and more everyday.We wish he was in our life so much. and sometimes know that not all wishes come true.

P.S. But most wishes do come true.
That guys the one ,he is who I want
by Mysteryyyyyy22554 May 16, 2019
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that guy who is really nice. Often the nicest person you will ever meet. However

this comes with a price. Let him get to comfortable or else he will begin

ditching you, often to make love to his cousins involving but not limited to

anal, vaginal, oral, ear, and belly button. Oh yeah and cock slit. Oh yeah don't

let him around girls cause he will brag but really he will stub his toe fall

then go lay in the corner and mope. Mope like the biggest bitch. He also has a

really small penis. He also may be caught up in the act of making secret pornos

with his sister,cousins, and last but not the least his stuffed bear.
Girl" who was that"

Other girl" ugh that guy, why did I let him get so fucking
comfortable around me."

Girl"having sex with his cousins."

Other girl"YEP!!!!"

Girl" wow this summer chris is cool"
by that guy definer January 15, 2014
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That Guy is usually a bad thing could be a positive depending on context. A person will usually say that guy because he lacks social classification and is usually out of the loop hence the person's name is unknown or intentionally ignored. That guy may have the charisma of an ignoranus and may often be referred too or beckgoned with references like douche or douchebag and ass. That guy also can be a piece of shit that you want gone but he hangs around like a dingleberry.

To sum it up you don't want to be that guy.
Glad I'm not that guy! That guy is a dumbass! Who is that guy!?
by Au. October 25, 2015
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The guy who comes on to an urban dictionary and writes definitions about people's names in a fit of rage. They usually don't realize the effect that this might have on that person. These guys are the fucking worst, often seen getting mad at the smallest things imaginable. They are dicks and get mad if someone tells them their a dick. They refuse to admit they're wrong unless there's a large group of people going against him. They are the guy that everyone hates and takes advantage of people.
If your That guy go fuck yourself
by Baggy pants January 31, 2020
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Depending on the context can be a way to point some out. Or used as a durogative. Or as a method of surprise

1. A phrase used to point out a guy in the room.

2. Used in conjunction with the word "oh" can be used as a durogative. A durogative meaning "oh God not him" or "Look guys, it's the guy we dislike, hate, find creep, we blame, find annoying, etc. Kinda like "oh" in the movie h@me.

3.a character in futurama.
"Oh that guy" said the crowd who were rolling there eyes as there "friend" approached .
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by Theamazinggeek April 20, 2019
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