Thales is the most beautiful man (both inside and out), sexy and intelligent in the world. HE ROCKS AT THE GUITAR. He smells really good and has one of the best musical tastes (except for ghostemane lol). Thales is also the best boyfriend you can have and your best friend too. He's the best person you can EVER meet. But one of its greatest qualities is being incredibly hot. Thales is SO hot that it makes you want to VAPO VAPO NHECO NHECO every day, every hour, ‘til you can't take it anymore. But Thales is mostly everything you need to have by your side and that is what will make you love him more and more at each day.
person: “OMG who is this guy EXTREMELY hot playing that AMAZING guitar?”
me: “That’s my perfect boyfriend Thales”
by thalessgirlfriend February 1, 2020
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a greek mathematician who made many strides in the field of math and fell in love with Joseph Amagliani c.550 BCE
Thales of Miletus was great at math.
by am1r April 7, 2006
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Thale. A caring girl. She might seem shy, but when you get to know her, she cray cray. Not to mention, she’s actually really pretty too. Everyone should have a Thale in their life!
Thale is a human-being
by Urban5554 October 22, 2019
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An old hag who's been living for far too long
Cryptic: Did you hear what Thale did yesterday
Satan: She's still alive?
by SatanFly October 31, 2020
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A female name, found in Norway. They are adorable looking and often very hot. A girl with name Thale are a confident girl who is always looking for perfection. She can sometimes be kind of sassy, but that's just because she is the coolest person ever.

She hangs out with the people who have a troubled life, smart and has a bit of humor ...

Her deep brown eyes makes you feel like you fall into a beautiful hole. Her eye lashes are absolutely stunning. They're so black and have a good length.
Thale, you're perfect.
by _gs June 1, 2017
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Thale is a smart girl with brown, straight hair. Always she Finds out something fun to do, and here’s friends will never be borred when she’s there.

She’s most like her father, but has some face details from here’s mother.
by Rabestia October 9, 2018
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