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guy one "Bro are you a part of the Tfl movement"
guy two "hell yeah bro, Titties for life"
by Freddythegoof October 22, 2016
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An acronym standing for "Tips for Life" and is usually followed by a suggestion to prevent someone from looking like a n00b.
If someone were to fart and exclaim, "Guys I farted!"
You may say, "TFL: Don't announce to us that you farted."


TFL: don't sound like an idiot.
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President Bush is a TFL. I can't believe half this country is stupid enough to vote for him.

I asked her to dance and she said "TFL" as she turned and walked into the dark.
by pdm2 September 18, 2005
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Transport For London ( is London's transport website. If you need to know how to get anywhere by public tranport in London use tfl
How to I get from Hamstead Heath from Twickenham?
I dunno mate tfl it!
by emmaleighjohnson July 10, 2008
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