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To use messages stored on smartphones as evidence in court proceedings.
Yesterday on Judge Judy, this girl used her iPhone to textify that the defendant had sent several messages promising to repay her the 3 grand she spent bailing him out. That proved it wasn't a gift.
by Eva Genius October 09, 2010
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1. to alert and/or notify someone via text message (hence text + notify = textify).

2. To spill your guts over a text message, usually something along the lines of liking someone and wanting to date them, or revealing something too disgusting/embarrassing to say in person.
1. I had to textify Johnathan at the last minute that I would not be in attendance at his party.

2. OMG, Jimmy just textified Susan that he gave her sister a cleveland steamer at last year's Christmas party!
by H*ck Yeah! August 30, 2008
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