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1. A god or goddess.
2. The essential nature or condition of being a god; divinity.
They declared with emphasis the perfect deity and the perfect manhood of Christ. --Milman
by Omo May 06, 2003
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Multiple gods or goddesses. Plural form of deity.

May be used to both refer to multiple gods of a singular religion (polytheism) or various gods or goddesses from multiple religions.
- Thor and Odin are Germanic/Norse pagan deities.
by Volta March 27, 2008
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Me, Jamie "Deity" Michael. Deity of Jamieism.
Jeff I own Jamieism, get your own religion or I'm gonna smack your face in. Try Jeffism, i know it sounds gay but blame your parents.
by Prank Monkey February 03, 2005
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Captain of a competitive COD squad known as FanduM. DeiTY has played COD for over 10 years (Starting with COD: Finest Hour), and has grown very skilled at the game. He first fell in love with cod4 as a young child and continued playing every COD game afterward. DeiTY started his competitive COD career during COD: BO3. At the time, he played on a few different teams as anchor of the teams. Eventually, FanduM ZeRk invited DeiTY to join FanduM as the captain for the competitive squad. DeiTY had shown extensive knowledge about the game, and had good senses. He was able to make calls and direct the FanduM team efficiently. DeiTY's play style changes depending on the situation, game, and team. DeiTY goes down as a great COD player, and will continue to play COD.
OMG! We're fucking destroying the enemy team because of DeiTY !
by DeiTYx November 17, 2016
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