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Adjective used to describe an object, person, place, or idea, that is uniquely large among his/her/its kind, i.e. with a size exaggeratively being compared to the size of the state of Texas.
"Hey man look over there!" *points to the posterior of a very obese black woman sitting down gorging herself on 25 packages of McDonald's chicken selects. "Check out them Texas-sized buns of hers! That's a huge bitch!"

"Dude, you should have seen Jerome get a Texas-sized hit from that awesome gravity bong that I made!"

"(at the baseball game) Now just look at that fat redneck man buy a Texas-sized bladder buster of Dr. Pepper for his 5-month old baby. That is just sad."

"Ron Jeremy may be rather healthy and hideously hairy, but he has a rather Texas-sized holy muscle of love to compensate for his appearance."

"Well Howard, I just took a look at those plans of yours for the new shopping mall complex we are building in town and absolutely admired them. Quite a Texas-sized undertaking I tell you."

"George W. Bush is a man of Texas-sized stupidity."

Mark H. UrbanDictionary contributer since last February.
by Mark H February 19, 2005
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To describe something that is approximately the size of the U.S. state of Texas, or to describe something (usually but not always originating from Texas) that is large compared to other objects of its type.
"God damn that burger is Texas-sized!" num num num

"Everything is bigger in Texas." ;)
by S1LV3R SnIpEr December 22, 2008
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