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'Tethered' meaning tied or to have a bond with.

Usually when there is a strong bond between two entities (can be two objects, two nations or two people) they are tethered and the strength of the bond can pull through anything. Even when the room seems dark, dusty, smelly and the situation looks downcast, the tethered bond can create a glimmer of hope and reverse the dark to light, the dusty to pristine, the smelly to aromatic and the situation from downcast to bright.
The tethered bond between two people is the most powerful bond that exists in the world therefore making the glimmer of hope even greater.
Mother: child, i wish not to discuss the matter any more. we are a little tired of listening to that song of yours

Child: but mother, please listen to the A chord i have been practicing so hard. And mum we shared a strong bond remember.

Mother: oh dear... of course my love, we are tethered. Please play your delightful instrument.

As can be observed the tethered bond between the mother and the child gave a glimmer of hope for the mother to allow her son to play his melodic instrument to her.

Similarly a tethered bond between to people can act as a strength for hope and resolve.
by Loopypops June 07, 2010
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Being connected to the recharge cord that comes with your cell phone during a conversation, limiting your mobility.
"Yeah I wanna go have a smoke but I'm tethered right now..."
by cclaw July 14, 2008
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The sexual act of smacking a males testicles around the shaft after or during oral sex
Rob enjoyed being tethered by Nate after the big game.
by Bear Hunter 96 August 27, 2015
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