A term used by members of the American Negro ethnic group (refered to later in history as colored, African-American, Black, FBA/ADOS) to describe African and/or Caribbean immigrants who move to America for economic opportunity using the benefits of the American Negro Civil Rights struggle while simultaneously disparaging the history, legacy, and lineage of the Negro American movement.
I don't know why Kuku Kufi is on the news saying African-Americans don't need reperations, he/she is a whole tether. Why are they even in the conversation? Why do they keep saying WE? Yo, that's a whole first generation immigrant.
by Crispus Attucks Reloaded September 1, 2022
A black person who moved from Africa or the Caribbean to the United States and pretends to be a Black American native to the country. Often they take anti-Black, white supremacist view points despite being black.
Jafari comes from Ghana, he’s always talking bad about Black Americans, but he wants to appropriate their culture when it’s convenient for him. He’s a tether.
by Red Joker August 4, 2022
AS Defined by FBA's
Background Information: FBA(Foundational Black Americans) refers to the LINEAGE OF Black people who are the descendants of those blacks who were enslaved during the period of U.S chattel slavery. Those include:

-native born indigenous black Americans

- Black Freemen

- the 3% or so of Africans arriving during the American slave trade and mixed in with the natives.

Tether refers to a subset of black immigrants arriving mostly after changes to the 1965 Naturalization and Immigration Laws, whom appear to have an Anti-FBA, sociopolitical agenda to replace them and undermine their efforts to pursue protections legislation, long overdue reparations from the U.S Government, and other resources that were originally earmarked to benefit FBAs. FBA's interpret the actions of these "tethers" as traitorous and treasonous since they were primarily responsible for fighting to have the 1965 immigration laws changed and amended to allow black immigrants an unprecedented pathway to citizenship in the U.S. NOTE THE DISTINCTION being made: A "tether" does not refer to "ALL" black immigrants as suggested by the hyperbole of those black immigrants who would be considered "tethers" by FBA's. This only refers to those insurgent black immigrants who move to undermine the efforts of FBAs.
A black immigrant acting as a tether will frequently undermine the efforts of FBAs
by July 3, 2022
A slur used by ados and fba cultists as a means to degrade and intimidate black immigrants from across the globe
Ados npc 134685: “ThESe TeTHerS KeEp UnDERmiNing Us!”
by TheBaiterX January 19, 2022
A word used by Foundational Black American cultists to identify all black immigrants in the United States of America, they are seen as threats coming into the nation as a replacement of Black descendants of US Chattel Slavery.

Some schools of thought say the real tethers are visibly Latino immigrants, both legal and illegal, coming in with anti-black racist views against immigrant and non-immigrant Black Americans.
These tethers are eating off our plates and then trying to erase us.
by k bold October 15, 2022
A term used by a black identity xenophobic hate group (knowns as FBA) as a derogative for black immigrants in the United States.
By working a legitimate job, earning a living, and sending monies to support impoverished relatives in Developing Countries, tethers are STEALING resources from America.
by ZeFromTianamen September 28, 2022