The murder of a testicle.
Moniquia was so angry with her baby daddy, she committed testicide.
by Mararrrr July 28, 2010
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To accidently shoot oneself in the scrotum - usually while stuffing a handgun in your waistband without a holster.
Did you hear about the bank robber that committed testicide right in front of everybody? He went to make his getaway and stuffed his gun in his pants - next thing everybody knew there was a loud pop and the dude was rolling on the floor writhing in agony. Ah sweet justice.
by Gettin N Eiffel January 22, 2008
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anti-androgen drugs, which suppress testosterone
been on testicides for a year, that shit shrank my cock and balls down into micropenis territory
by cheese toastie with pickles November 25, 2021
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To commit suicide by shooting oneself in the balls.
"I gotta commit suicide,hmm, testicide anyone?"
by GregTheShowerDemon1 November 21, 2011
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Any act or stunt whose sole purpose is to demonstrate the strength, but will more than likely demonstrate the weakness, of one's testicles.
That dude is going to try to show off how strong his balls are by hitting them with a hammer. That is straight up testicide.
by TBoneRaw February 2, 2020
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