Implys the opposite. The individual refered to is not crazy at all, rather cunning (like a fox). Used when one appears to be 'crazy', but is acting with a hidden motive, in a cunning way
Person 1 : "What's that guy doing? He's crazy"
Person 2 : "Yeah...Crazy like a FOX!"
by Umpa Lumpa October 16, 2003
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phrase to exaggerate craziness, often in sarcastic or half-joking form.
I'm crazy alright, crazy like a fox!!!
by maybenot September 5, 2003
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Simile used to describe a person or event that acts or is outside of the norm in either a sneaky or fun way. May also be used in elliptical form (parts of the phrase are implied and not actually spoken). Origin: Homer Simpson.
"Allison likes to wear shiny pants when she's drunk; she's crazy like a fox."

"Becca is 'crazy LIKE a' today because she had 3 Frappucinos for breakfast.
by miriam February 18, 2004
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an individual whose actions are unpredictable; they can be cunning (or at least like to think that they are) and a bit sneaky. Not to be confused with batshit crazy, though ingestion of alcohol and other narcotic substances can lead to the "fox" in question to lose the ability to disguise their craziness and indeed become a crazy freaking maniac
George: "thank you. you're welcome. thank you. you're welcome. thank you. you're welcome"
Andrew: "you're batshit crazy!"
George: "no way, man- I'm Crazy like a Fox."
by antimyrmidon April 6, 2011
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Nothing to do when cornered/stealing french fries or just plain bored, the C.l.a.F. is best used. It involces a distraction, te shouting, "Crazy... LIKE A FOX!" Then headbutting them after they turn around.
Dude, Jared just totally Crazy....LIKE A FOX 'D Rob.

I know, perfect timing.
by RayRayBeaverface September 17, 2007
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A term originally derived from a conversation between a Russian and a Costa Rican describing a petite blond Hebrew girl of Gaelic Russian descent who has a phantasmagorical fascination with all things pyrotechnic. You could be called Crazy like a Fire Fox if you collect matches, collect lighters, have cute small hands adapted for playing with fire, and have a height, ideal speed, and agility perfect for fleeing fires. If you are cute, female, blond, petite, fast, agile, and are fascinated and love fire then you to could be defined as "Crazy like a Fire Fox."
Person number one "That little girl is flicking her lighter. Look! She has a collection of lighters!"

Person number two "That's not a little girl, she's just petite."

Person number one "She has the littlest hands. She shouldn't play with those lighters, she'll get hurt."

Person number two " She won't get hurt. Besides, look, her hands are super quick, and she's super fast and agile.

Person number one "She's crazy!"

Person number two " She's crazy alright, she's Crazy like a Fire Fox."
by BBCrew September 15, 2010
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