A weird guy that likes anime and eats his own dogs shit.
That’s Terrell the freak
by Terrell’s a fruit March 26, 2018
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Terrell is not tooo tall but he ain’t short, amazing jawline and fav color normally red. Athletic but dosent eat very much. Gets distracted by other women even though he falls in love hard. Hilarious and weird, sometimes almost robotic
Just saw terrell, he flirtin w that girl again.
by Honestly.tho March 02, 2019
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He’s a lonely soul that survives off attention from hoes. He acts cocky but is actually insecure. He’s a manipulative liar because he’s ashamed to be himself. He’s stubborn and hypocritical. He can be a sweetheart at times but is known to be a dick. He laughs a lot and finds stupid things funny to cover up his pain.
“I’ve never met someone as pathetic as Terrell”
by browneyes&butterflies July 14, 2020
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