Terrell might seem sweet kind and gentle but is untrustworthy he is verry nice to the point where he will lie to make it seem like he likes you if you have a crush on him. Verry sweet but will brake your heart if you find out. His favorit colours are yellow and orange loves mortician arts but isn’t the best boyfriend. Usually acts gay
Omg look it’s terrell with a girl hope he don’t brake her ❤️
by Low keys wee tie queen August 31, 2019
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Usually a cheater, he is very ugly, and also wears air forces and loves jordans. Terrell usually likes every and is very bold, his last name is usually Williams
Terrell is a cheater
by Claudia S September 09, 2018
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a strange boy who really just wants to go and curl up in a bed and cry but can also be very outgoing and sarcastic
i hate terrell
by starboop December 25, 2016
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Terrell is kind of a self centered whore. He believes he can get want he wants from any female because of his looks.Terrell doesn’t take relationships serious,or transitioning into a relationship,seriously. He doesn’t like the good girls that are there for him,but instead,he likes them nasty hoes that let him do whatever he pleases.
“Who is terrell?”
“Oh,he’s a self centered hoe”.
by lovveee June 01, 2019
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