Sometimes referred to as "T-Dog"
Wow he looks like a Terence. Looks like he belongs with an Olivia
by Neixndusckem October 31, 2017
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Terence Is a caring person he is loyal he would catch a girl if he wants one he would love to show a girl how he would treat her and show her she won't be let down or feel sorry for getting with him he is a person that shows a girl that she made the right decision to go to him.
by terence December 26, 2017
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An extremely attractive gentleman, usually irish with black hair and blue eyes and is packing serious heat.Residing in NYC. Often incredibly rude, selfish, narcissistic, and tasteless. A synonym for jerk or asshole.
I'm gonna break up with my boyfriend and bone me some Terence.

That guy was such a freakin Terence!
by ponyboy12345 February 07, 2008
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judgemental asshole but still chill. we stan but dont claim. a bit of a 12v koreaboo
ew terence
by jackpeden August 03, 2018
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a name for a boy that means a mexican that denies being a minority and likes fat people
by HUHAREYOUDUMB October 22, 2011
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a non-gender specific trap with gender dysphoria who likes traps (boys dressed as girls), and is lesbian. claims to be demisexual.
stop being such a terence.
by salami_dictator October 02, 2019
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Safe Terence is a means of saying hello and goodbye, aswell as also being used to say yes, or end a conversation. Safe Terence can also be shortened to safe T.
by @edhendersonnnnn January 01, 2012
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