The dictionary basically says that tepid is luke warm. when tepid is used in a sentence it usually refers to how its not cool at all, and its not hot either.
lame, weak.
Bro check out my walk-man! Its so sick!
dude, thats like totally tepid

Opposite example.
Dude, my new ipod is so cool!
that new album by rihanna is so hot!
by Meganerd30 December 9, 2009
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1. When it is not quite phat and it's not quite honkified. It's tepid.

2. When shit is just totally beyond the point of being hot, it's TEPID.
2. Did you hear that new 50 Cent joint? Yeah, I heard he wants to make a change. Yeah, that shit was tepid.
by Manim Ramus May 28, 2005
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any of a group of people possessing qualities pretaining to a badass or person of high esteem.
Wow, look at that tepid beast over theere squating 1,000 pounds
by h-town tepidity February 9, 2011
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The act of mazturbating outdoors in an inflatable kiddy pool. The act is usually undertaken as an expression of contentment, happiness and sexual monstrosity. Best performed on a hot day with the sun on ones face or shoulders.

Not to be confused with a Hot Hector, which is essentially the same but in a kiddy pool full of your own urine - and sometimes amongst your own floating poop.
DaveP : Hey man, have you heard the lastest song from Calvin Harris? I think it's pretty HOLY FUCK ARE YOU JACKING OFF???

GreggR: Yeah broooo. It's a nice sunny day, im feeling good and I have a grotesque compulsive desire to pump my skin flute. Time for a Tepid Hector!

DaveP: You're sick!

GreggR: Yeah well it's happening, I'm pumping the dick well right now. So you can sit there and watch our you can fuck off. Shit cunt.

GreggR: And by the way Calvin Harris sucks.
by SlenderJed May 30, 2017
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while performing a hairy taco (also in urban you put lukewarm gravy on her tits and she thinks you have blown your load. when she looks up you get her in the face and tell her some sour cream fell out of the hairy taco
by Anonymous April 16, 2003
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A tepid cunt is a poor excuse for a human being, half-hearted or unenthusiastic approach to all aspects of life whilst at one and the same time, being a cunt. Found in the fuckwit fringes of leftish activism, especially Greenpeace, they can also be found trying to fly blimps (poorly) or flying illegally over Scottish airspace.
They tend to be offended by everything and I really do mean everything, often resorting to making shit up like "cultural appropriation". Tepid cunts can also be found knocked the fuck out during protest clashes after fucking with the wrong people. Of course you could just go to Twitter or Instagram and find a infinite number of these "people".
"Did you enjoy wearing that lovely Chinese inspired dress at your prom? You did! Great! Unfortunately there is a Tepid Cunt that somehow has found offense in it, sorry luv".

" I'm a Instagram Star and social influencer! Touch me I'm famous !"

"NOOOOOOOO! fuck off you Tepid Cunt!"
by incumbent sausage July 16, 2018
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A semi-erect penis unable to inadequately perform its sexual function.
"Who do you think you'll please with that tepid meat?"
by DrCofefe December 18, 2022
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