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Teona is a type of person who is beautiful in every way. She strives so much to be perfect she is bond to make the right decisions to not let no one down. She is a true leader who picks the right way instead of following. She has the best since of fashion. She doesnt settle for the same boring thing everyday she has to switch it up. And she doesn't realize she makes people fall in love with her by just being her.
Ur being so teona right now like I just wanna marry you.
by Brownfatguys March 14, 2017
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A really cute and fun person who loves everyone and thing. She is so that if she doesn't like you then there is a something wrong with you. She will give some people second chances but if you mess up then thats your problem.
Yo did you see Teona today!
by Pittsschild June 05, 2018
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Is a fine,thick brown skin girl is petty and is goofy at the same time. She will also beat a bitch ass when need.
Did you see Te'ona in that dress this morning
by How doyoudothis May 09, 2018
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A sweet lightskin girl that love a dark skin short dude that name starts with a s. And she is a freak.
Teona my bae
by Teonabae June 07, 2018
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