A hot sexy man that is cracked at Valorant
Have u seen tenz with his insane plays?
Ofc ive seen it
by Ydjvudivig June 3, 2021
Tenz is a guy which is god and dont give a fuck what people say bad c:
by 000idk000 September 8, 2020
super pretty, funny, kind hearted once you get to know this person
a great friend and fabulous person
oh hot damn tenzing is the bobdiggity
by foshodohbohhoe March 31, 2010
A preternaturally cool alpha male/anti-hero named after the late Tenzing Norgay (a great man), the first person to climb Mt. Everest, the highest moutain in the world. His only weaknesses are Jaeger Bombs, designer steroids, nicotine, exotic women, gummy bears, ridiculously fast cars, ecstasy, and stuffed monkeys.
Tenzing: "After we swallow these anabolics with our licoricey booze, let's smoke some menthols while fornicating with exotic women as we chew gummy bears while driving 150 mph, on mdma, to the stuffed monkey shop. Then let's climb mountains."
by Neralich the ANTI-HERO August 20, 2009
tenz is a well-known valorant player currently in cloud-9. He is also a former csgo pro global elite before moving on to valorant. Tenz is also radiant in valorant and he is well-known to be a duelist (aggressive player) using jett in Valorant :D. He is also aimbot and he aims so quickly and glicks instantly
damnnn tenz, he flicks so good he be hacking doe!!
by epic!pewds! June 13, 2021
The best man you can find. Kindhearted, sweet, mascular and sexy. I find one make sure you'll never lose him.
Ohh my god tenzing is so sexy. I wish he was my boyfriend.
by Moffugga January 2, 2017