UK - Fifty pence (50p).

Half a pound Sterling (100 pence).

Fifty Pennies.

From pre-decimal currency 'bob' = shilling and 20 shillings made one British pound. Therefore a modern 50p piece ('bit') = 10 Bob.
Oi Steve, have you got a Ten-Bob bit for the pool-table?
by Doc Johnson February 21, 2005
Since the shilling was phased out of British currency, "ten bob" has now come to mean ten ponuds, i.e. one bob is one pound, and so on.
"Look at that guy's car! I bet that cost 'im a few bob"
by b0Bz0r3llo March 22, 2005
A "Bob" refers to the British nickname for a 1 shilling (5 pence) coin; thereby "Ten Bob" is a 50 pence coin. (Archaic: there was previously a Ten Bob Note)

Mostly used in South Yorkshire, England, a "Ten Bob Millionaire" is a derogatory term someone who dresses and acts like they have a lot of money and status when in fact they have very little (i.e. Ten Bob)

They buy things to make themselves look more important than they actually are. They act like they are important and have a very high opinion of themselves, while deeming other to be below them and beneath contempt.
"Look at him with his posh suit and catching a bus. Another ten bob millionaire!"

"She's all fur coat and no knickers; just a ten bob millionaire!"
by Beowyn June 25, 2014
This phrase has been used in Liverpool for decades.
1 Adjective. Description of a poor attempt to direct a football goalward with the head.
2. Adjective. Description of person who made the poor attempt to direct the ball goalward with their head.
Based on ten bob being a 50p piece, ball has spanged off one of the vertices of the 50p piece which is metaphorically on the footballers head. Ball heads off at a wild angle to that which was intended.
" That was a proper ten bob header mate"
" The state of that, you ten bob head!"
by DJ Bladdered September 6, 2006
Someone who drives a Caddy, but cannot make the payments. Someone who has a new Lexus but lives in a trailor park. Someone who wears fashionable labels, but cannot afford lunch. Someone who just got their paycheck and is spending it to impress rather than paying their bills.
Example: Wow, two thousand dollar rims on a four hundred dollar car, he must be a "ten bob millionaire"
by mrs_heffner February 10, 2011
rhyming slang for having the sh#ts! or an upset stomach.
"Oh my god mate that fart reeks!"

"well what do you expect ive had the ten bob bits!"
by billybull October 14, 2009