Tem ned da muns 4 da colleg so tem can get smert lik everbodi tem would mak da ten armour, plz donat to tem tem 4 da armour u ned yayA?
Tem ned the mun for colleg yayA
by Erentheidot March 1, 2020
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A nickname for a guy that is super clever and handsome. Everybody wants to be Tem. His cool as f*ck and can bench press your mum.
Omg that's either super man or Tem.
by Temanal August 13, 2016
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That one Mongolian kid in the back of the classroom everybody kinda knows, but just hasn't talked to. If you become friends with a Tem, they will become loyal allies on your quest for world domination. Loves pot and has a weakness for bitchy white girls.
James: Bro Tem how it be?

Tem: Nothing much bro, sup wit you/
by Reecko Sauve July 13, 2020
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A character from Undertale who scams you out of your hard earned money so they can pay for 'cooleg'
They are little shits who are not to be messed with.
"Hoi, Im Temmie"
"Please don't hurt my family"

"Tem need muns for cooleg"

"Of course, I'll get the money to you right away"
by thereallyspecificgenie May 28, 2019
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Slang for a juicy big cooooooockbig.
Oi, that's a tem nibba.
by BIGFATKOK99 October 5, 2020
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Antisocial Asian stays in home 24/7 only goes outside from his room to take a shit
by Temuujin August 12, 2018
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is the definition of that very social asian who never shuts up
by silverbopp January 23, 2019
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