A person who is vary crazy that usually does drugs and goes to party's. She acts like she dislikes buff people but they are secretly her sempai, but they like her. Many people think of her as sempai or just all and all crazy!
Buff person: Hay did you see temmie?
Person 1: Sempai!!!!
Person 2: Oh her... She's weird...
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by CamCam728 April 19, 2018
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A Undertale Character that is a dog. Which The Gender is your decision! Also Most Have bad Grammar and speech. Only One is good at grammar and Speech... But bad at being happy. P.S I am a Temmie With SuperPowers

Undertale © By Toby Fox Most art by Chang Temmie /Temmie Chang

Stop Undertale character Gender assuming
Hoi I'm Temmie
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by Temmie Drae June 15, 2018
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