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Telos is a greek word meaning Ultimate Potential. It is also a treatment center in utah. It is a hellish place with no weed or girls that wastes a year of your life to help you reach your "Ultimate Potential"
guy 1- Dude are you a telos Alumni?

guy-2 Yeah i hated that shit.
by steevohammertime December 18, 2011
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Argentinian slang for "motel", a place where you rent a room for a short period of time (could be hours) to fuck with someone or more people.
Some rooms have jacuzzis, scotish showers, sex-related items such as modified chairs and stuff, everything depends on the price.

Also called "hotel alojamiento" or "albergue transitorio".
Spanish version:
- ¿Vamos al telo? Asi estamos más tranquilos...
- Dale :)

English version:
- Should we go to a motel? So we're more comfortable...
- Okay :)
by GrEeNDaY August 09, 2007
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