moer - Afrikaans for beat up
Big Dutchman says : Are you looking at my chick!

Small engelsman : No! never

Big Dutchman says: I will moer you!
by Paul February 6, 2005
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A tourist who is going to see the Alamo. An Alamo goer.

Tourists in San Antonio are likely to be called moers even if they are not going to visit the Alamo.
The influx of moers has caused so much traffic downtown.
Those moers have their map upside down and look lost.
by jtsmagic March 20, 2010
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When you’re extremely mad at someone and just want to bunch them
Sandy: “I’m going to moer him if he touches my chocolates
by Rainbow gumdrop August 28, 2019
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become extremely upset (South African)
Mum please don't strip your moer, but I am pregnant.
by schlofster October 8, 2009
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