Four giggling freak-tards that arised from the sky giving children a hard time watching TV. Non-stop assholes giggling with glee by annoying millions of people every second.

A mild form of "f**k" and a minor form of "screw."

Chaos that occurs often; bad days for people when having trouble with anything.

A drug. A drug that has large amounts of nicotine and weed, may cause strong brain damage; an illegal drug; strong dope.
1. Stop acting such a Teletubbie, John.
2. I knew I have acted like a selfish Teletubbie at Bob's party.

3. My students started Teletubbies in my class, it drived me Bonkers!
4. The Teletubbies ruckuss in my retirement home drived the elders crazy!

5. Teletubbies that.
6. Teletubbies you.
7. Teletubbiesin' a-hole!
8. What the Teletubbies?
9. Teletubbies you guys.

10. He was smoking some Teletubbies last night.
11. As Michelangelo said, "never smoke Teletubbies!"
by Tim August 17, 2004
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A girl/boy who is extremely annoying,lame, a copy cat, gay, and whose dancing scares the shit out of you... basically being a Cynthia
''Omg I love Alex Soooo Much!, and I love to dance! i dance soo good! like a Teletubbie!'
by Rumors July 10, 2008
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A childrens weird ass TV show. And the dolls watch u sleep
My Teletubbie is creepy!
by GG2K18 July 12, 2018
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