Teggy is a shortned form of "Integra" one of the phatest Japanese cars out there, I own one, represent VAN-C!
"Yo Tito, you see that turbo-teggy smoke that 5 litre? no dilly-o for dat homeie-G! WORD!
by Fo-Real November 11, 2003
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Behaving like a non-human subspecies. The lowest of the low, 99% of people are less shit than a ‘teggy
Person one: Dude, Brian has a whole room in his house just for toilet roll and gluten free pasta.

Person two: ugh, he’s pulling a teggy.
by bobisboobycrew September 5, 2020
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A great artist who is known for her artistic interpretation of “fefted” and “buff grape
by JimmyTheN September 16, 2020
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A mythical Pokémon that supervises Integra enthusiasts that work on there car but never finish
by Scmtb831 January 26, 2020
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the white things in your mouth that let you chew your food properly - your teeth!
right, it's bedtime, I'm off to brush my teggies
phew your breath stinks, go brush yer teggies
by Paul Mason August 15, 2007
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A car enthusiast who is obsessed with Integras.
Ash: Lol I just put a new hood on my teg, can't wait for my exhaust to come in the mail!

You: God you're such a teggy.
by Ashent June 27, 2006
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when someone hates on u!
I was doing this girl and this guy was being a teggy and told her that her mom was outside
by teggy louie June 30, 2010
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