n. A person who acts big, tough, scary; but is actually really sweet and nice, soft.
"Dude, that guy is creepy."

"What? No, he's just a teddybear."

"LOL. Really?"

"LOL. Yep."
by savvybunny November 11, 2011
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making out (snogging, pashing) without actually kissing or letting your lips touch
What were they doing?
Nothing much, just teddybearing.
by 7h3d42dy February 2, 2005
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When you get weed stuck in your throat/lungs after inhaling from a shitty pipe or bong.
Because real teddybears are also nice and make you feel fuzzy but you absolutely do not want them in your trachea.
uhmimamanduh (11:54:54 PM): the other day i choked on weed and said "oh TEDDYBEARS" and now when you get weed stuck in your throat using a pipe/bong it's called teddybears

"I got teddybears yesterday. I blame Costa Rica for their shitty craftsmanship because they made the hole too fucking big."
by omgyourelikefamous July 21, 2009
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"Man you got that teddybear yet?"
"Yeah nigga, I got it!"
"whats it stuffed wit?"
"the good shit"
"cool, peace"
by Richard Greenough October 25, 2005
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a totally awesome guy who's really huggable, and you can tell him all your secrets, and really great to sleep with ;O
just like a teddybear <333 overall the BEST guy ever :3 effing perfect ^.^
Danny's mister teddybear ^.^
by mochiluv November 20, 2009
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