Technoblade, also known as the Blood God, is a pig with hot smoking elbows and beats up little children in a game that involves breaking beds. He is usually known for virtually beating up children. Involved in Minecraft Monday, everyone hates him and one time tried to team on him.

Beating Dream in a duel, he claimed the title of the best PVPer in Minecraft.
"Is that technoblade OH MY GOSH"
NoobMaster69 was never to be seen again
by MLGYolofade October 01, 2020
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Technoblade is a Minecraft YouTuber with a non existent upload schedule.
He cyber bullies kids for coins in Hypixel games.

He’s currently at war with im_a_squid_kid for the number one potato collector in Hypixel skyblock
A common feature you’ll see is the quotes “NERD” “TECHOBLADE MEVA DIEES” “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD” and more.
He’s so scary that fellow YouTuber Tommyinit is scared of his fans because if he doesn’t give Technoblade the best rates, his fans will destroy Tommy’s likes with dislikes.
He is a man to fear off.
Also, he’s ok at Bedwars.
Technoblade is god
by FluffeWeeb March 21, 2020
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The blood god, the reincarnation of Sun Tzu, he is a pig man with an obsession over potatoes and drop kicking orphans or Tommyinnit.
"Oh god, it's Technoblade, my parents are dead I must hide."

"I smell orphan."
by Chairooga December 28, 2020
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An anarchist pig who wants all forms of monarchy and government destroyed and is also really good at PVP.
“We just got kicked out of our country! Do you think that pig over there can help us?”
Nah man, that’s a Technoblade.”
by Lovely lol November 18, 2020
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technoblade is widely known as a pvp god, arguably one of the best youtubers at pvp. he's got a monotone voice which is also apart of his brand.
he's done a face reveal before, but chat called him ugly (im not forgiving you guys for this, hes literally handsome idk what yall were on abt).
techno is also known for his iconic quotes:
"blood for the blood god"
"officer, i drop kicked that child in self defence"
"a lesbian referred to me as actually pretty funny"
person in minecraft monday: "is that technoblade?"
persons team member: *screaming*
by sapnaps doormat February 27, 2021
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He is a master division skywars master in hypixel and he has a youtube channel with 1.6mil subs. He calls people nerd every time he kills someone. And he has too many power so he never dies. He has a golden sentence "Technoblade, never die" He has a dream for the whole world to become Technoblade. He can change anything to Technoblade. IF someone's name is Yaduykl, it will become TechnoYaduykl. If someone's name is Xiela his name will become TechnoXiela. He is a super pig and he has a crown meaning he is a king. He has armies of pigs. His elbow is revealed and it has muscles. He is a strong King pig. Everytime you fight him in skywars just jitter click 12cps and sprint and w tap and aim and strafe, thats how you can beat him. His pig power will be stronger. So maybe this strategy will be outdated. "THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE A JOKE!!!!" Subscribe to MWMC on youtube!!!!
Skeppy, "Oh gosh it is Technoblade I need to kill him in his video. 10 seconds later, crap Technoblade is so good he just beated me within 10 seconds he is a hacker." Technoblade, "Skeppy, ur trash nerd imagine being bad at video games haha. Train for another 100billion years before coming back for a rematch."
by MWMC April 30, 2020
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