Gettin' bored of Walls 2
I should find a new minigame
October 2013
Saw the game and I thought
Oh my god, the fuck is this?
So many OP kits
But I guess I'll play a game
Horse tamers every game
Dominating Winter all day long
Everybody's kit's the same
Because it is so damn strong
But hey, I can survive
I get better ping here than to TheHive
Teams and hackers everywhere
But nobody plays Blitz to be fair
So I'll keep on playing
And get horse tamer six
My horse is fast but stupid
And I will call it Brick
Toxicologist gets added
With a level five stone sword
Keep going with a single dream that
One day I'll be leaderboards
Gonna join another map
But I know it's all in vain
Tryna earn some coins
But it's not worth the pain
Got a long list of level sevens
No high level kits I've gained
Keep getting rogue'd in deathmatch
But that's just the game
Let's make it a whole new game
While I try and rise to fame
I'll make for myself, a name
When I'm through, this game will never be the same
So I released my first montage
Become a rising star
People blame my hit detection
Because of my five-bar
But it was the first of many, and I buy armorer ten
People blame thorns constantly but
I still make one again
I name it Unexpected
Later I release Life
My personal favorite...
That's just the game
That's just the game
That's just the game
orphan: hehe I'm living
person: i'm going to go technoblade on this orphan
by whatisahandle? February 02, 2021
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A Minecraft youtuber with over 1.6M subs. He is well known for being a great PVPer.


-Won Minecraft Monday 4 times
-Got a 1400 Bedwars win-streak on Hypixel
-Beat Hypixel in a duel

-Got on the Hypixel Skywars leaderboards
i dont know how to use it in a sentence:im
just saying random stuff here
by fvtgyhyhyf4drghufe May 02, 2020
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Subcribe to Technoblade
Technoblade has joined the game

Technoblade : technoblade

Technoblade has left the game
by FrankityHQ October 08, 2020
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the best minecraft pvp man. blood for the blood god. yes technoblade also means blood god. he always gets em.
nerd: *instantly gets obliterated by technoblade* technoblade: nerd
via giphy
by P_Technoblade April 22, 2020
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Technoblade is a well-known Minecraft youtuber with almost 2 million subscribers. He is known for absolutely DOMINATING in Keemstars' 'Minecraft Mondays'. Technoblade is also known for being the #1 rank in 'Skywars' for being the biggest potato farmer. Technoblade has a sarcastic sense of humor and will guaranteed give you a laugh despite if you enjoy Minecraft or not.
Technoblade is amazing at PVP. I wish I had his skills.
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The best PVPer in Minecraft, known for becoming the number 1 potato farmer in the biggest Minecraft server, beating dream (a player incredibly famous for being capable of beating Minecraft while many people try to kill him), beating squads of multiple people fighting him singlehandedly. Techno had become such a terrifying PVPer that some of the people who dare challenge him end up with Technophobia, the legitimate fear of Technoblade.
group of 5 people with enchanted diamond armor: did you guys hear something?
Technoblade (about 10 kilometers away wearing leather armor): BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
group of 5 people with enchanted diamond armor: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
by logang4Lyfe December 21, 2020
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