An educated male lacking in social skills who also happens to work in tech.

Many of them are libertarians who simp for Elon Musk, and/or people trying to reinvent the wheel with some dumb new technology.
Techbro: With this new Blorgasagorg 3000, people will easily be able to get around the city without a car!
Alice: Please, stop trying to reinvent the train.
by E hates Q August 14, 2022
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A bro dance music artist/producer/DJ, who often possesses ignorant and bigoted qualities.
Did you just hear about how techbro who killed their career due to their homophobic tirades on social media?
by HappyRainbowUnicorn June 19, 2015
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a guy who works in the tech field, often but not always lacking in social skills, sometimes focused on career to the exclusion of female companions
All these techbro's are driving up the rent for the rest of us, living in SF and taking shuttles to silicon valley.
by neoluddit March 20, 2013
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1. A flashy "high-speed" transportation project with very questionable feasibility. Often touted to defeat major urban societal problems with a free market approach; usually the schemy brainchild of a billionaire larping as the next Tony Stark.

2. A shady company's revolutionary "next step in transportation" that defeatist techbros, entrepreneurs, and/or verified checkmark accounts swear by, praising that it will inevitably "fix traffic". Often used to kill "woke" infrastructure projects (and pedestrians) that have objectively better transport costs per passenger ratios.

3. The mobility technology thought of as yet another grift that tries to reinvent the wheel with a dumb new technological gimmick, all while ignoring regulations like designing the one emergency stop button on a touchscreen (This will not work when demonstrated at an expo test site).

4. A gimmicky, expensive, and useless mode of transport that appears around your neighborhood and within a year is quietly dismantled due to impending lawsuits and bankruptcy. It's like the status quo remained but with less infrastructure money this year; usually followed up with the local council approving more Techbro Transit since the HOAs are scared of buses and trains.
Poorly animated 3D "Techbro Transit" product video:
SHAFT will position itself in all major cities within 5 years and spread its stream of autonomous high-mobility vehicles on specialized paths that use AI to avoid traffic, soon aiming to build their own ducts underground.

TheEloniteEntrepenuer420: Masterful gambit sir, the future is now thanks to CEO Bambo Thrust. The Cyclists have fallen, billions must try.

Alice: Please, stop trying to reinvent the bus.
by gonzaemon September 2, 2023
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