- I'm going to tear you apart, girl !

- I'll make her spread her legs and get ready for the tear apart.
by loverough June 2, 2012
When a Guy/Girl sees someone attractive and they want to violate them sexually
by Sex Pest August 12, 2011
An expression used to indicate that someone is making a big deal out of nothing. Stolen from a line of dialogue in a bad movie, Tommy Wiseau's "The Room".
Megan: So, Will. We need to talk. It may not be important to you, but the cap on a toothpaste tube should have a tight seal. If it does not, then bacteria can manifest itself in the paste, not to mention the cap coming off and squirting toothpaste onto my clothes.

Will: (holding his head in his hands and screaming) You're tearing me apart, Lisa!

Megan: Who's Lisa?
by ChuckChaser69 June 22, 2009
to celebrate an occasion using an online video communication platform
We gonna tear a skunk apart on Zoom this New Year's Eve!
by minorsurgeon March 23, 2021
"You're tearing me apart, Lisa!" is the official motto of the cucks. It is from the best worst film "The Room". You're the fiancee of a thot named Lisa who's in love with your best friend, Mark. Mark and Lisa big bang each other, and you become officially cucked. This is how Lisa tears you apart. You thought you were the only person who fucks her belly button and can see her tiddies, but you were wrong, cuck.
thottie lisa: "i can't talk right now."
tommy: "why lisa, WHY LISA? please talk to me, PLEASE. you're part of my life, you are everything, i could not go on without you lisa."
thottie lisa: "you're scaring me."
tommy: "you're lying, I NEVER HIT YOU! YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, LISA!"
by fatb8tch July 20, 2019
Rough gay anal sex with a muscular guy on the receiving end.
I hate being sick, it really throws off my plans to tear apart my truck in the toilet.
by JP knows best October 22, 2020