The world's most brilliant filmmaker, Mr. Wiseau is an accomplished actor and director responsible for the masterpiece "The Room". Tommy's IQ is estimated to be in the range of 156-161.
Also occasionally referred to as "That actor who looks like the guy from The Interview".
I went to a screening of The Room, and bore witness to Tommy Wiseau.
by McDaddy's Big Patties November 7, 2017
Director, actor, writer, producer (and everything else) behind the cult favorite, masterpiece known as The Room. His extraordinary talent and remarkable filmmaking skills have made him famous worldwide.
Here are some examples from the genius, timeless literature of Tommy Wiseau:

- You are lying! I never hit you! You are tearing me apart, Lisa!

- Oh hi doggy!

- Let's go eat huh!

- I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much.

- I did not hit her, it's not true, it's bullshit, I did not hit her, I did naat! Oh hi Mark!

- You betrayed me... you that good... you, you're just a chicken, chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp, cheep, cheep.

- What a funny story, Mark!

- Everybody betrayed me! I fed up with this world!

- Maybe you should have a girl, Mark.

- Anyway, how is your sex life?
by Klogg August 24, 2010
The reincarnation of God disguised as an American actor, he tried blending into our society by creating a movie but failed. It "took" our lord and savior over 5 tries to create the I did not hit her scene, in reality it was just a way to convince us that he is human but the 4chan elders are starting to crack down and decipher what god is saying in the form of memes, soon enough we will know the meaning of his genius lines which make no sense when you look at it for the first time but in reality it's really just God communicating with the other elder ones like KEK and God Emperor Trump to reunite and banish Cthulhu for once and for all.

TL;DR: Tommy is God that has traveled to earth to find the other gods there in order to banish octopus man
Tommy Wiseau: i did not hit her it's not true it's bullshit i did not hit her! oh hai mark
Mark used as a suit by KEK: We must unite the 4chan fags to kill the bigger furry fag, lol.
Tommy Wiseau: k i'll
by A god church June 12, 2017
The director of the film "The Room". He's also the Writer, Producer, and the Lead Actor. Beware of his film, because it's a riot! A Black Comedy that's a must see.
Tommy Wiseau- Lets eat huh.

Guy - What does Huh taste like?
by TripleRainbow August 4, 2010
The act of writing, producing, directing, funding, and starring in your own independent work. Named for Tommy Wiseau's film "The Room", a film dubbed as the worst film ever which Wiseau wrote, produced, directed, funded, and starred in.
"I can't find any actors for my play"
"Just Tommy Wiseau it!"
"Tommy Wiseauing! Write it, produce it, direct it, fund it, and act in it yourself!"
by erk.kimbo February 8, 2016
The greatest human being who has ever lived. He directed, wrote, produced and starred in one of the greatest movies of our generation. Every single scene in the movie has a deeper meaning. This shows that Tommy is a true genius. He watched Rick and Morty before it was even a thing
-Have you seen Tommy Wiseau?
-No, he is probably working on an amazing movie
by A guy that tries to be funny January 18, 2018