the act of passing off a task that is assigned to you to someone else and then taking the credit as if you did it
Canadian: "hey can you do this for me, eh?"

later that day;

Canadian: "yo boss, I got it done just like you told me to.

Can I go home early and watch hockey, eh?"

Other employees: "that's what you call Canadian teamwork.

he is such an eh-hole"
by Jonquez December 3, 2009
teamwork is a circle-jerk.
All for one, one for all -- that's teamwork!
by eda-skip January 14, 2023
When two of on duty KFC employees team up to take down a fugative using common fast food restaurant items like chairs, hot grease ect
Employee 1 - holy crap a fugative
Employee 2 - dang
Fugative - OH SHIET
by fsadfdsafdsf July 31, 2009
When one person poops in a public restroom toilet and does not flush, and then someone else comes along, poops in the same toilet, and also does not flush. This process can be repeated many times, until either the janitors find out about it, or someone flushes it. These can get really big.
I just added my shit to that Teamwork Turd Pile in there. That thing is huge!
by curlypoo December 25, 2020
Being underage but sharing your beer in the girls bathroom and during smoke breaks.
Macey and I used teamwork when at the bar.
by Taylor and memmers May 14, 2018