A person who reads and/or is obsessed with the popular series, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Usally decides to be on either Team Edward, Team Jacob, both, or neither. Really obsessed and rereads the books over and over again trying to get every little part out of it. May also go on stepheniemeyer.com to read parts that were edited out or preveiws.
Ashley: Hi Alicia! Have you read the first chapter of Midnight Sun on Stephenies Meyer's website?

Alicia: Pfft! Of course i have, im a true Twilight Fan, Team Edward Forever!! I've read the books like 59783787458738728 times!
by Ashley M. T. July 11, 2008
pathetic girls who like this book because all the other girls like it.
ex im a TWILIGHT FAN and so is my mom.tmilight is only famous because some TWILIGHT FANS SAW IT ON A MOVIE
by PARKOURFAILURE November 11, 2009
People who read the book est.05 06 and 07, before a craze of fan girls intervened and pooped all over the books reputation, there are very little of us, and unlike every other annoying conformist, who probably has as much depth as a puddle, we actually loved the series and edward and jacob, NOT robert fucking pattinson and taylor dick lautner. we actually are very loyal and love it for what it is not the books popularity.
It's so ironic how when I was reading twilight I was taunted and asked why i was reading such an emo looking book, and how those same people who made fun of me for reading the book are the same ones who are drooling over it now, it's quite funny how that works.

original twilight fans > twilight noobs
by The original twilighter. November 13, 2009
A name given to those hardcore Twilight Fans who you can find standing outside of a movie theater for 12-24 hours before the release of the new edition to the seris. Some may cover their bodies in gliter and run around in the sunlight screaming for to their true loves which is usually their cats for they are the only ones who stay around them. Will have an unatural obsession with roses, shirtless people, and those who dont bathe for monthes on end. Others will live in the woods and travel around in the dark screaming for a vampire to bite them. All of these poor people need serious help.
Billy: Jill im breaking up with you

Jill: NOOOO!!! WHYY!!!!

Billy: i cant take you always wearing glitter and calling me edward you Twilight Super Fan

Jill: Fine go! you wish you had Edwards hair you ugly shard!

Billy: you are one physcotic bitch!
by Enatap Ynohtna February 21, 2010