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A beautiful young individual, who is talented and full of energy. Brains and looks have been provided by this individual.
She is definitely a Teagen
by lover2 March 07, 2011
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Teagen is a girl that is lovable, kind, funny, extremely intelligent, spontaneous, and most of all she is someone who you would want to keep by your side forever. If she is your friend you will never find another person that cares as much as she does, even if she doesn't show it. You can count on her to be there for you no matter what even at 2 a.m. If she is your girlfriend well you just found the jackpot my friend! She only dates guys that she likes, and She is fiercely independent so she won't need you doing everything for her, and she will fight you on it believe me but she actually likes that you care so much. She will spoil you with gifts because that is just the type of person that she is! If you are lucky and you become serious she has already begun falling for you. She more than likely won't tell you but she has. She will want you to say it first so she knows that you are all in it too. Once she hears those words she will fall for you quickly and so will you. She has a way about her that you will never want to leave her side, and if you breakup she will be on your mind all the time. She really has everything a guy or a friend could ever want. She is also model level gorgeous! She is usually taller with long hair that can be light blonde to black, she usually has green eyes, hazel, or brown, and she has tan skin. Teagen usually looks runway ready, but she loves her band tees and jeans! all around she is an amazing girl that anyone is lucky to have or know!
Guy: Hey look it's Teagen!!

Guy 2: who is Teagen?

Guy: Look over there - the one with ripped jeans and AC/DC T-shirt on, do you see her?
Guy 2: Yeah! Man she is beautiful! Does she have a boyfriend?

Guy: Yeah she does! You can be friends though she is one of the nicest people I know!

Guy 2: how are you friends with her?

Guy: she tutored me in Spanish, she is really smart!

Guy 2: alright introduce me I want to get to know her!
by Sarah45 November 18, 2016
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A girl that is the most amazing person in your life, they are understanding, beautiful, don't judge and they care a lot about the ones they love, it like a lot.
by January 01, 2018
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