Appropriate slang reference to city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada or immediate surrounds.
note:may or may not be preceded by "the"
Are you hittin that Beatmatch party in Tdot?
by Little j (of Flylife) August 22, 2002
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada.the name "T DOT" was popuralized to the mainstream through its use in a lot of tracks by toronto hip hop artists.
by Joss the boss July 14, 2006
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A term used in Vancouver for Toronto, or a term meaning "plan", "program", "deal", etc.
Used seldomly
-Hey man, what's the t-dot for tonight?
-Hit me up with the t-dot on my cell.
by David Bishop February 5, 2005
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Short form for T.O. (TEE-dot-OH) aka Toronto


TDot (TEE-dot)

Hey let's go up to TDot and check out the Rogers Centre and CN Tower
by CaJuaL November 27, 2007
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“TDOT” otherwise known as that dyke over there, is a phrase used to describe a gay or dyke looking person.
Kyle: look at TDOT, Henry

Henry: yeah she’s got a massive cammeltoe and a baseball cap
Kyle: Hahahah true shes such a dyke
by Ogremaniac April 12, 2019
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The act that late night bar hoppers and club goers of the greater toronto area partake in, that involves staying or more acuratly "loafting" around the streets and/or the train station in the time between last call and the first train of the day at 6:30 am. Although this is the most accurate description of tdot loafting, it can also be used to describe any situation where a group of people are taking a longer than usual amount of time, to complete a desired action.
tdot loafter: Yoo guy wanna go partying in tdot?

some guy: Uhhh.. whos the designated driver?

tdot loafter: Nah fuck that man were taking the train!

some guy: Well thats kinda gay I don't want to leave the club at like 12..

tdot loafter: nahhh fuck that man were TDOT LOAFTING!!!

some guy: wtf... its like 3 degrees outside..

tdot loafter: comon man its a TDOT LOAFT.. you know TDOT LOAAAAFTT its gonna be key

some guy: nah fuck that id rather watch pbs or something
by tdot loafter March 8, 2008
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