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Noun. One who loafts. One who chills excessively for no reason, often to kill time or from a lack of things to do.
Son, this summer I've been a mad loafter.

You see those guys on the corner? They are next loafters, it's like they're glued to that spot.

by unhhhstar January 03, 2009
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n;loaft, loafting, loafted, loafter

someone who loafts. they take a fucking ridiculous amount of time to do something or get somewhere. people have a kind of love hate relationship with alot of loafters, cus alot of loafters are fucking jokes.

"yo, where the fuck is he? we've loafted hard on our dealer."
"he's fucking maad loafting."
"arrg, that guy is such a loafter."
"i know dawg, he's fucking loafter mc-loaft loaft."
he's SUCH a loafter.
by sexystonedsinger August 01, 2010
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