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A name usually given to a great, loyal friends. Mostly girls.
Tayba's are always beautiful inside and out, are the most considerate beings ever and have an amazing smile. They are very intellectual and are nearly always right. Tayba's always have perfect teeth and are so modest but thats what makes them so attractive. They are genuine and sincere and they are great people. I personally love tayba!
You'd be lucky to have a tayba in your life!!!!
by iloverpatz August 12, 2011
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Sexiest bitch ever, slays all your life !! Funny aff and eats a lot but is a messy eater. A Tayba has a great figure and can be a hoe when she wants to A Tayba is a pretty girl who gets all the guys but a Tayba is always stuck between two guys
I think I'm in love with a Tayba
No way lucky you, whose the other guy !
by Sashaaaxxx December 20, 2017
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