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a sexy,attractive,smart,strong male with a very large penis and usually a widows peak. His personality is loving and playful.He may be a strong relationship holder.
Alexa:Yo,gurl u see dat fine boy witda peak and big...
Raina:stop girl let's call him a Tavon.
by Yong Werty February 06, 2009
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guy with a very humble and nice personality but vein on his own self time but doesn't realize it. He's very loyal but loves drama. He's artistic and has a great style. He's one of the most popular kids in school so don't get on his bad side. He knows what he's goal is and goes to get ot no matter what people say. He's hilarious and everyone loves him. He's personally is cute and that makes him hot. He's the type of boyfriend the likes you for you and does little things to cheer you up when your down. He loves you more than anything and if your to him he would dodge a bullet for you.

Ps-he's a GEMINI Obviously
by Emily jackie May 23, 2018
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- aa Loving girl , always laughing , skinny as can be . & very beautiful !

Most Guys fall for , her because of her personality , style & her loving heart .

She treats people how she wants too be treated & Always Speaks her mind .

She often talks too alot of boys although she isn't a whore she expands her options .

she is wild , & caring . . . & you will always have fun with her .
by a girl name tavon ( : November 24, 2011
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a major assfuck who has a small cock. he likes to have parties with other girls, while he has a girlfriend, :) PLAYA.
ugly tavon
by anonoooommyyouuusssss June 26, 2011
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Rudest you ever meet. Loves to roast people. He has NO friends because of his uneven hairline.
by Otaku_Queen0 September 15, 2017
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