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The most beautiful girl I've ever seen,she's nice and funny and great to be around. She's sweet and kind and always cracks the best jokes. Stylish and quirky and weird and funny and pretty and beautiful all at the same time
by Nathan wattson January 08, 2015
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A raina is a very beatiful girl who is kinda shy , shes stubborn but doesn't let anything get the best of her . She loves taking selfies . She can be a copy cat sometimes but she's the best friend you could ever have , and if they can't see that , their blind . One last thing , shes

P•e•r•f•e•c•t ...
Person : dang , who is she ?? She's beautiful !
Laila : thats raina , my bestfriend
by Somebodynamedlaila April 05, 2015
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The sexiest human being alive. I can't get enough of Raina. She is amazing in every way. Everyone wants to be in her pants but you have to be special to get that far. She can be mean at times but only when she is brutally honest.
She's a rainbow.
You: Hey Raina! I love you!
Raina: Sure....
You: You don't love me?!?!?
Raina: Why the fuck would I??? Why don't you grow a brain, dumb ass.
by Fredrina September 24, 2011
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A cookie stealing person. Also known to steal chewing gum and other foods.
Raina did you just steal the chewing gum off my desk?
by hahaitwasmatt January 14, 2008
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A girl who is so indredibly sexy and fun to hit on even if she gets pissed at you when you do.
YOU:hey Raina, do you have a mirror in your pocket? 'cause i can see myself in your pants!
RAINA:dude your like 3 years younger than me beat it.
YOU:you should start masterbating with these two fingers. know why?
YOU: their mine.
<you then ran away>
by Conrad141 January 25, 2009
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a state of being when you are so drunk you no longer have a filter between your mouth and head. not only do you say exactly what you think no matter how bitchy but also you can no longer differienciate between what's hot and wha'ts not. when someone has reached raina they will hook up with everything in sight or try to beat any person who they feel threatened by.
holly shit that girl is in toatal raina!

mine as well just call her raina.

shit girl watch out your about to be bitch slaped by raina.
by ashelymadison. June 01, 2009
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