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A state of drunkenness rarely reached by a social drinker, where the Alcoholic in question feels that they have overshot the mark once again.
This state is usually followed by feelings of regret and remorse the next day (or whenever he comes to) as the formerly tatored individual realizes that they have once again nailed a fatty, sucked another man's wiener, or poked yet another farm animal!
"Oh my God, I did it again! I'm going to have to do some of those A&A classes if I keep getting this tatored!"

"Ugh, I'm NEVER getting that tatored again!"
by markishmark May 27, 2008
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Beyond shitfaced, completely gone. Slight redneck connotation. Incapable of caring about anything.
Mike was so tatored last night that he fell down the hill in the backyard and slept up against the fence at the bottom for 2 hours.
by Triis February 12, 2009
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